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¡ôSwitch and Routing(3)
  Routing Everywhere

The ¡°route everywhere¡± philosophy advocates the use of devices that perform full packet-by-packet routing functions. Past solutions used general-purpose routing functions. Past solutions used general-purpose routers or fist-or second-generation Layer3 switches that provided flexibility, but limited performance to under 100.000 packets per second(pps)for both switching and routing ,Second-generation Layer 3 switches added advanced silicon technology to boost overall performance ,offering dramatic price/performance advanced network policy functions.

These new Layer 3 switches support Gigabit Ethernet speeds and provide wire-speed routing. In addition to supporting new LAN technologies like Gigabit Ethernet, these switches also supporting existing backbone technologies, such as ATM and FDDI. This enables users to leverage their installed infrastructures for the ultimate in network integration and support. Network policy support includes LAN-based Class of Service and Quality of Service, advanced security and automated network management.

Witch the introduction of advanced, high evolved switching/routing capabilities, Layers 3 switches represent a dramatic shift in the ¡°route everywhere¡± model. With unprecedented speeds, simplified network control and LAN-based policy services, these switches will eventually replace most general-purpose routers in the LAN core ,these switches, however, will cost more than Layer 2 switches. 

 Is There a ¡°Best¡± Approach?

The best solution for a given campus network depends on the specific performance, control and application requirements, as well as on the size and growth projections of the network ,It is likely that the approaches to network control will be combine elements of each: low-cost, high-performance layer 2 switches, VLANs for broadcast containment, wire-speed layer 3 switches for inter-VLAN connectivity and cut-through routing for optimization of overall switch capacity,

Either way, network managers would be wise to start planning their network control strategy based on today¡¯s network environments and the emerging pressure on LAN routers to keep up to speed. Gigabit Ethernet is certain to drive some level of layer 3 functionality into the network. It¡¯s up to you to decide the best approach for your network.

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