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Web Hosting

At its most basic level, a Web host is either a company that provides Web space for other firms or an organization that hosts its own site. It stores content on serve hard drives and makes that content available to users over the Internet.

Users get to the content by entering a Web address, which instructs the underlying protocols of the Internet to find and fetch the home page. Hypertext links on the home page give the visitor passage to other pages within the same site or to other sites

The two major elements in Web hosting are the network infrastructure and the applications used to operate the Web site. Physical facilities, site management and security are also important factors.

The core elements of a Web-hosting center include the server hardware, operating system and Web-server application.

Unix has been the preferred operating platform, but Windows NT is becoming increasingly popular.

According to experts, Unit has generally been considered more secure and reliable, but trust in Windows NT as Web-server platform has grown stronger during the past couple of years.

A network firewall-sometimes a PC running special firewall software, other times a special integrated hardware and software device-stands between the Web server and the internet. Although a firewall permits normal traffic between the outside world and the Web server, it doesnt allow unauthorized users outside the firewall to access the content of the Web site .

Without a firewall, an intruder could rework content, steal date or even take up residence and establish a private site on the web server.

Typically, a Web-hosting center will content to the Internet via one or more high-speed phone lines,

The Web serve is just one application, Although and serve up Web pages and limited amounts of data, it isnt built for handing data-intensive sites, such as those sites conducting e-commerce or providing interactive chat or streaming audio and video. In those situations, task-specific applications are required: they generally run on separate application. For example, when a user requests the price of a product, the Web server takes the price component on the Webpage.

Many large companies outsource their Web sites to hosting companies because those companies offer management services, taking care of security, updating software and providing site-monitoring services.

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