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The quality control and services protect to fix the commitment

THE FIRST PART: Quality control
A, earnest research and appreciate the technique main theme, the equipments that insure to provide is complete to satisfy the square¡¯s request and perfect functions of the bureau.

Two, a machine a purchase control:
   1. strict request the norm according to the standard attestation system of international quantity of ISO9001, contract for the square to each kind of cent such as: Produce the type, act for the type and promote an etc. to carry on qualifications¡¯ assess, choose the optimization to choose.
   2. Press relevant provision to carry on the examination (the important machine piece practice examination) to a machine piece order; strictly forbid the unqualified machine piece into the next work preface;
   3. help the semi-processed goods outward, adoption parties the specially assigned stations to examine the procedure at the direct that contract for the square factory and enter the factory separately to reply check to combine, insuring the semi-processed goods qualified.

Three, the production process control quantity pass:
   1. the implement carries on the control to the person in the production line, machine, method, wreath, insuring the production line to be placed in the ISO9001 system control appearance;
   2. to examination in the production line and experiment to carry on the control, and carry on the examination with experiment the appearance marking, insure the original material, semi-processed goods, finished product to satisfy provision of request.
   3. disallow to let go urgently;
   4. disallow the exception to let go;
   5. Combine together from the check and total check (check eventually), and make the product marking have can trace sex.

Four, safety storage, reasonable packing, appropriate protection.

Five, consign the goods in time, often have" safe stock¡±. In addition, practice through many years already backlog and have to accept the big sum order, urgent experience and the ability of the order," technique" order.

Six, open the circular of the bureau according to the customer, a parties of the engineering maintenance enough gearing engineer of the hand leaves for the spot in time, pursuing a sex to break through rate 100%

The second part:
The service protects to fix the commitment
A, the system maintenance
The company overall ducting ISO9001 quality control system, make product from design the production, from original the material stores in warehouse the semi-processed goods to examine, a database of finished product etc. all have the strict control procedure, homework guide book and quantity record, slice qualified rate of the on-the-spot assurance product have already acquired the ISO9001 quantity system attestation at the same time on August 16 in 1997, and the British Royal card attestation. Under the condition of appearing the breakdown, my company commitment: Reply in an hour, rush through to leave for the spot to solve problem in 48 hours.
Provide the goods normally for 5-7 days or press customer to request to provide the stock on hand.
Two, the technique service
   1, practice 24 months to the product free protect to fix, support life long.
   2, technical personnel the technique training, attain to examine the qualified request.
   1) The spot install, maintenance training
The headquarters technique training (divide two stages: Correspond by letter the foundation knowledge and equipments trainings; attend the headquarters to open the construction of the bureau on the scene).
3, periodical carry on back to visit to the customers
   1) The headquarters technique supports personnel¡¯s 24 hours¡¯ break through the cellular phone, with the customer the technical personnel keeps to order to order the contact
   2) In addition to maintenance, open the exhibition periodical technique exchanges and expect to answer the technique consultation uncertain
   3) At any time free mail the headquarters concerning new product and new technical dynamic state report way.

Our quantity target is:
Qualified rate 100% of the product
Ministrant customer satisfaction rate 100%

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