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Products > PDH Multiplexer > 16E1 PDH Multiplexer
16E1 PDH Multiplexer
16E1 PDH Multiplexer
16E1 PDH Multiplexer can multiplex 16E1 and 1 optional port Ethernet (10/100Mbps line speed) signals in one fiber channel to transmit. It is suitable for low capacity, point-to-point application of remote transmission. The circuit part of the equipment is fully digitized. The whole equipment is reliable, stable, easy to install and maintain. It has good temperature and voltage characteristics, complete alarm functions, one RS232 asynchronous interface and remote loop back functions (from software). At the same time, it can be managed from management software Fi-View-MP through its Console port or through chassis FC-912.
  • Provide up to 16 E1 channels and 1 optional port 10/100Mbps Ethernet channel
  • Fiber port bit rate: 150Mbps, up to 120Km distance without repeater
  • Fiber port support 2 ports redundant backup and ALS* function
  • E1 Line code: HDB3, compliant to G.703, G.823 and G.742
  • E1 channel support both 75ohm or 120ohm impedance
  • Ethernet port support 10/100Mbps auto-detection, Full/Half Duplex auto-negotiation
  • Ethernet port can transmit VLAN tag
  • 4 Ethernet ports is divided to two group which can't communicate with each other
  • Complete alarm functions
¡öOptical Port
Port number: 1
Bit rate: 150Mb/s+/-50ppm
Wavelength: 1310nm, 1550nm
Distance: 0 - 120Km
Connector: FC/PC
¡öE1 Port
Port number: 16
Bit rate: 2.048Mbps (+/-100ppm)
Impedance: 75ohm or 120ohm
Line Code: HDB3, compliance with ITU-T G.703
¡öEthernet Port
Port nunber:1, optional
Speed: 10/100Mbps line speed
Duplex: Half/Full auto-negotiate
Frame Size: 64 - 1536 bytes
MAC address: 1k
MAC aging time: 5mins
Power Supply
Input voltage£ºWhen -48V£¬ -40V ¡« -60V (DC) is allowed
When ~220V£¬ -175V ¡« ~264V (AC) is allowed.
Overall power £º5W
Operating Environment
Humidity£º95£¥£¬no condense
Standalone Size
483mm (L) ¡Á44.45mm (W) ¡Á200mm (H)

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