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Products > Patch Cord/Connector > Waterproof Pigtail
Waterproof Pigtail
Waterproof Pigtail is a length of fiber with one-end connector attached, suitable for out door use and adverse environmental condition
 Product Feature:Features & Availabilities
- Singlemode and multimode available
- PC and APC polishing available
- 2, 4, 6 fibers available
- High reliability and corrosion-resistant
- Suitable for severe outdoor environments
Telecommunication networks
Data processing networks

Singlemode (PC)
Singlemode (APC)
Multimode (PC)
 Insertion Loss (I.L)
<= 0.2 dB
<= 0.2 dB
<= 0.3 dB
 Return Loss (R.L)
>= 50 dB
>= 60 dB
 Working Temp. Range (C)
-40 - 80
-40 - 80
-40 - 80

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