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Products > Patch Cord/Connector > Mode Conditioning Patch Cord
Mode Conditioning Patch Cord
Mode Conditioning Patch Cord
Mode conditioning fiber optic patch cords are used typically when you want to run Gigabit Ethernet (LX) over some multi mode fiber optic plant. Our mode conditioning fiber optic cables are compliant with IEEE 802.3Z standard. In some cases such as for long wave laser modules used in Gigabit Ethernet ,the modules need to operate for both single mode and multimode fibers ,the mode conditioning fiber optic cables will fit for such situations ,they can reduce the different mode delay when light transmitted from single mode fiber cables into multi mode fiber cables. We supplymodeconditioning cables in various combinations of SC, ST, MT-RJ and LC with very short lead time.
IEEE 802.3Z standard complian
Different connector polish options
Multiple fiber cable options
Connector types options
Permanent offset closure
Telecommunication network
Data processing networks
Mode conditioning cable technique data
Connector types available
Transmit insertion loss
Typical 0.35dB
Receive insertion loss
Typical 0.15dB
Return loss
Working temperature
-45 to +85 D.C
IEEE 802.3 Z

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