BC-800 is a small rack type GEPON OLT. It consists of a GEPON OLT and the network management card. BC-800 works with BC-6800 series ONU and ODN to establish a passive optic network.

The whole system supports GEPON, and 32 terminal ONUs. It supports 10~20km transmission distance at the base of high bandwidth, and supplies full line speed L2/L3 transition capacity.

BC-800 supports maximum 256 Logical Link Identifiers (LLID) and Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA). It is adapt to small fiber access network, such as towns, villages, which don’t have large quantity users. BC-800 system greatly lowers the cost to establish network and assure high bandwidth. It is also adapt to FTTH/FTTB/FTTO projects, to implement fiber to the home, such as IP phone, Ethernet data and IPTV services access.

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